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About DLS

DLS Quality Management, Inc. (DLS), located in Camillus, New York, has been servicing the

North American Business since 2009. and is accredited by ANAB. All of our auditors have 10-40+

years experience.


Whether you are shopping for a new registrar or are seeking your first registration, DLS is here to

get you where you want to be, with our friendly and experienced staff.


With no "hidden" fees, our cost effective approach paves the path to your certification. A quote request

and/or application are just a click away.


DLS understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its management system certification

activities manages conflict of interest and insures the objectivity of its management system certification



Peruse our website, see how our process works, view our client list; and then call us with any questions

that you may have. We look forward to being YOUR QUALITY PARTNER.


*Client references provided upon request.




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